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Paleo diet is basically a high protein, low sodium and low sugar diet whose optimum aim is to provide and maintain health with a balanced diet. It does make sure that people won’t over-eat. However, it is basically the diet with slight modifications that our ancestors used to intake in Paleolithic era. From all the perspectives, the fundamental purpose of consuming Paleo diet is to provide the body a balanced and healthy diet without any slight over dosage. People who consistently intake Paleo diet maintain proper body weight body without the need of any heavy works out or practice sessions. Although, exercising is a good activity and one should jog at least once in a day regardless of his diet is Paleo or not.

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The basic purpose of the revival for Paleo diet is that it is believed that cave men have longer average life than today’s people and they were strict followers of Paleo diet. However, Science has also proved that there has been noted a mere change of 0.01% among the human beings of today and their ancestors of Paleolithic era. So, Paleo diet is the most anticipated food supplements of all that not only will prolong the average life of human beings but will also help them to maintain a healthy and disease-free body as well. In earlier era, cavemen had consumed fresh vegetables that were directly plucked from the farms and animals that were hunt down right on the spot. There was no concept of adding extra colors and artificial flavoring to enhance the overall taste of the dish.

Since, there were scarce resources back in Paleolithic era so they always had consumed fresh food. Since there was no mechanism of preserving food so they never have thought of such dishes that have the shelf life of even a single day. However in today’s date, not only food is preserved but we also use fake colors and artificial flavors that are made up of hazardous chemicals. The day chemical industry associated with food industry, there came a great downfall in the overall health of people across the whole world. Chemicals are the most dangerous type of supplements that aren’t meant to be stored or preserved at homes under any circumstances.

introduction of Paleo diet

Following the downfall of people’s health at an exponential rate, food industry then decided to revive the supplements that ancestors used to consumer. After couple of years of search, food industry conclusively launched Paleo Diet that’s been warmly welcomed by the people across whole world. It is highly suggested that there is an immense need of change in eating habits. People should quit eating junk foods and rather rely on instant foods. Paleo diet is certainly the most effective food supplements of all that automatically equates the balance of proteins, fats and carbs within the body. SO, give yourself and your family a treat with the introduction of Paleo diet at your home.