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Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments among people across the globe. Some do it to get away with the hassles of waxing, while others opt for it for personal reasons. Nobody should be under any compulsion to bring about a change in their bodies. It is okay to have body hair for both men and women. However, as mentioned, people prefer keeping it neat by having permanent or temporary trimming methods.

Before visiting a medical spa to avail of this service, it is wise to brush your knowledge about the risks and benefits attached. If you also fear the pain involved in the process of laser hair removal, you may have clarifications with the subsequent info.

Will laser hair removal hurt?

Well, there might not be a full-proof answer in a yes or no. The reason is that certain factors will decide the answer. Many clients have felt negligible discomfort, while others have felt some pain. The level or presence of pain will be dependent upon several elements like:- the tenderness of the area which is being treated, the tolerance power of the client, the menstrual cycle of the client, etc.

Let’s add more knowledge to prepare you better before the final appointment. Read on to drop your anxiety and get relevant answers for your dreadful query.

How much pain is expected during laser hair removal?

Do not worry because the process is not something that you will not be able to tolerate. Imagine a rubber band flick on your skin; that is how the treatment is going to feel more or less in general. However, the level will increase or decrease depending upon the part under the beam of laser light. Here is an insight to give you an idea.

  • Less Painful-

There will be very little pain in areas like cheeks, tummy, arms, and legs. Usually, clients say that they feel ticklish rather than hurt on these spots while having laser hair removal. So, if you are getting this remedy on these parts, you will have a worry-free time throughout the procedure.

  • More Painful-

The rest of the commonly-approached areas for laser hair removal like bikini lines and armpits are said to be the most stinging. Even some regions on the face apart from the cheeks may hurt more. The upper lip area and eyebrow surroundings may be a painful experience.

Your attendant may apply a numbing cream to reduce the pain provided they feel it safe to do so. Always consult a knowledgeable and experienced provider to avail of maximum benefits and minimum pain.

Besides the pain viewpoint, you might also want to know about laser hair removal side effects. It is common to see treated or surrounding areas as swollen or reddened. You may also experience sensitivity to the sun and a slight burning sensation. Creams and lotions prescribed by the doctor may help you feel better. While these side effects are normal, reach an expert if things become out of hand.