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While dog sledding as a means of transportation in snowy climates is relatively outdated, thanks to the snowmobile, dog sledding still remain popular in certain circles and continues to be a celebrated part of the northern wilderness culture. Today, dog sledding is most often seen as a competition sport though there are still those that use dog sleds for transportation. The dog sled is a thing of the past but like most things from our past we continue to hold onto it because of what it represents. Dog sledding represents a simpler time when the wilderness was not yet conquered by man and machine, a time when man was still dependant on animals for transportation in many parts of the world.

Although dog sledding isn’t likely to increase to the level of popularity as other more mainstream sports in the future it will always survive in the harsh northern climates where the cold runs deep but tradition runs deeper. After all, the horse is a thing of the past but many people still keep it around for nostalgia purposes right? Having a horse on a farm where it is really no longer needed thanks to tractors and four wheelers is similar to keeping a dog sled team around even though we have trucks and snowmobiles from the discount pet supplies online. Riding in a dog sled offers a glimpse into the past, the way things used to be done. Although questions of animal cruelty have often been associated with dog sledding and its evolution into a competitive sport the sledding in of itself is not cruel to the animals and in fact many believe that sled dogs enjoy taking on a big race just as much as people do. In summary, As long as the northern regions of America and Europe maintain their distinct climate, which they are bound to do, we will always have a constant reminder of why people once used dog sled to traverse the wild.

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