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There are many exercises to choose from if you want to have a strong lower back. There are simple ways to do such exercise and as the body building world constantly evolves, there are new and complicated ways to exercise your back and build muscles in them.

There are exercises that are good for beginners and as you progress, you should take it seriously and add up the difficult ones each time. Here is a list of the most effective training exercises that are proven effective by professionals.

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Chin-ups
  3. Barbell
  4. Wide Arm pull downs
  5. Close grip pull downs
  6. Wide Arm Cable Rows – sometimes partners with close grip but this is effective enough.

This is not just a list but they are ordered in a manner that your back will not be shocked and can overcome the pain at first. There are thousands of exercises to choose from in order to get a tone and strong back muscles but this list is enough for starters.

Most professional body builders maintain barbell rows and pull ups to have big lower back muscles. Pull ups are difficult to do regularly but you should do it each time to harden your lower muscles. There are people who focus on cable rows and they are thinking that it is the best one to do. Well, it’s not the best but it is also recommended to do it 2-3 times a week. Constant pull ups and barbells can trigger lower back muscles each time so it is better to maintain this exercise than cable rows.

If you want to grow your muscles, you should do the fundamental exercises that most professionals use. Squats will be as good as every main exercise for the lower body specially the leg. When this exercise is bundled with pull ups, this can result to a good tone of the connection between your lower back and your legs. So always keep in mind that pulling motion and rowing motion exercises are essential for lower back and leg muscle development.

It doesn’t mean that if you make a certain exercise, you are really focusing on the exact muscle. When you pull up, you can target which part of your body will benefit. If you pull high enough, your arm muscle will also grow and if you pull much lower, your stomach will be used as well as your back. Most of the time, it will focus on your lower back as you go on to 20-30 pulls.

You should also get into rowing sometime but not everyday. When you do it, you should pull with focus. Pull going to the muscles you want to target. You can pull towards you chin, chest, and stomach. If you do this by fives each time, you can build muscles involving all parts of your back.

You have probably listed a great deal of exercises on this page to start your journey effectively. But you should take care of the performance and intensity as all are not for any. You should certainly try and test all, but don’t force on the regime blindly. Take the reference, consult your trainer and chart out your own combination to make the best of the workouts. 

This may be a tiring way to build muscles on your back but the truth is that every exercise really is very tiring. If you want to boost your lower back’s muscles and tone them, you should have self discipline. Take the precautions of professionals and follow what they say including the length of your sleep and the proper diet.