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Your body is designed to resist fat loss.In the early days of mankind, the ability to store fat was essential to survival. Primitive man never knew when his next meal would be and needed a healty stronge of fat in order to survive for long periods of time with out food. To your body, far is essential to survival, whears muscle is a luxury that it can burn away.

You can learn about the programs and Appetite Suppressants to have desired results. The burning of the excessive fat is possible for the individuals. The consumption of the healthy food is necessary for the consumers. A slim and healthy body is available to the people. 

Weight Loss Natural

Thousand of years of evolution have turned our bodies into efficient fat-stronge machine that resist weigt loss-we hold on to fat and must work hard to build muscle. But, in modern socity, food is not scarce, and we are tempated by cheap and pleintiful junk food everywhere we go. To com-bat your body’s tendency to store fat, you must incorporate a precise weight-loss program that will target your fat stores while preserving muscle.

Eat less and exercise,and,yes,you will lose weight. But another factor is at work : When you exercise, your harmones determine what kind of weight you are losing, muscle or fat. Muscle preservation is a major concern for dieters. Muscle burn calories not only when you are exercising but also when you are at rest. Therefore, the more muscle you have,the more potential for fat burning Unfortunantely for dieters, due to our evolutionary history, simply eating less will actually cause your harmones to signal your body to burn your muscle while leaving your fat stores intact. With less muscle, your mereality of dieting is that limting your intake of certain foods can actually make your fatter !

The good news is that, with the right combination of exercises and foods, you can ensure that almost all of your weight loss comes from fat rather than muscle. Some foods, such as proteins, for example, which are highly unlikely to be stored as fat, will help build and maintain muscle mass. And careful planning of the time that you consume some foods, such as carbohydrates-which can be stored as fat or muscle, depending on when you eat them-can aid in both fat burning and muscle preservation . you will learn in the next two chapters that a carefully planned exercise program in conjunction with your diet will influence harmones such as testosterone to help you burn fat without muscle loss. In fact, many people on my program actually gain muscle. The key, as always, is strict hormone regulation.

Weight loss Natural


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Weight loss Natural

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