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How exactly would you define a relationship? Is it something you have with a person you know? We would doubt that because a relationship may be any connection you form with a being despite you knowing that person or not. Yes! A guy waiting for the bus standing beside you also has a kind of relationship with you without your knowing it. That guy does leave an impact on you without you realizing it.

How one can impact a relationship

Relationships may be professional or personal. We leave an impact on every relationship in one way or the other, be it be at work or home. Now let’s talk about how exactly one can have an impact on the relationship you have with that person.

  • The impact may be negative or positive depending on how you behave and present yourself.
  • Behavior is an important part of leaving a good impact. How you determine what the other person thinks about you.
  • The dressing is another vital part of building a good impression. There are many times when we don’t talk to people or judge others based on how they look. In times like that, how you dress is what the person in front sees.
  • In an intimate relationship with the opposite gender; behavior, dressing, small gestures of showing love and even physical qualities play a role.

Components of a strong relationship

There are many ingredients behind any successful relationship.

  • Situation

Similar situations may be a first in building a relationship. We are unlikely to be friends with someone who doesn’t have anything which overlaps with something ours.

  • Reciprocity

It is very important to give and get a similar kind of response or behavior with the other person, be it be friendship or enmity.

  • Purpose

You must have a purpose to see, meet and continue the relationship with the other.

  • Expectations

We all have expectations right? The whole world stands upon these small expectations. However, we need to understand, that just like ourselves, the person in front too has expectations. So it is important for us to meet those expectations to expect that that person to meet ours.

  • Attitude

The attitude or the vibe the person gives off plays a vital role in determining the depth of a relationship. If you have a negative attitude, don’t expect anything better than that.

  • Limits

This is one of the most important criteria. Limits are what separates us human beings from animals. We have some principles, some limits to follow irrespective of what relationship we have. Limits apply towards your enemy, your wife or husband, your child or anybody. You have to follow certain boundaries even in enmity.

  • Commitment

This is another important aspect. Committing yourself to the other person is a gesture of pure love or any faithful relationship. Stick to what you commit to have a successful relationship.

  • Loyalty

Learn to be loyal, even with your enemies. That’s how you create a benchmark of your personality for others.

How to enhance a relationship

There are several ways to enhance a relationship. Some of them are enlisted below.

  • In an intimate relationship with your partner, almost everything should be managed properly since we are most vulnerable to them. Behavior, dressing, loving gestures, and even your physical features matter. In this evolving world, males may get proextender to enhance themselves and have an impactful sexual life. While females may focus more on their appearance and attractiveness.
  • In a professional relationship with your colleagues, always remember to be warm and friendly, but not very frank as that can give them the wrong idea of you being too easy of a character.
  • In a relationship with your boss, be obedient, respectful, but at the same time do have an opinion of yours. Don’t let the superior think that you are a mere puppet. Also, in an official environment, how you dress matters. Wear formals or casuals according to the place you work at, keeping it decent, simple, and elegant.
  • With your juniors, be considerate but not too loose to let them think low of you. Be strict at places required to give them an idea of what you like and what you don’t.

All these impacts collectively build up your character and what people think about you. It is important to have principles and qualities in your life which will help you grow as a person and will let you build stronger and happier relationships.