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Mysticat, a Minecraft YouTuber, accomplished the unthinkable last week. They made a circle out of an unmodeled vanilla Minecraft world with, just like a real circle. He’s got everything, even the round bits! It’s also a lot of fun to see.

Smart Minecraft Construction Options

Minecraft is a voxel-based construction game built on a rigorous grid structure, for those of you who are older than me and for whom some understanding of was not a requirement for social survival. Each item is either made up of solid blocks or is made up of solid blocks. In Minecraft, there aren’t many curves. So, at least in an unmodeled game, a circle should be impossible. But Mysticat, a Minecraft YouTuber who has a tonne of great instructional videos and other nice things showcased, went ahead and did it. In fact, they went a step farther and constructed a perfect sphere, whose presence resembled a sinister deed.

Starting with the minecart, the movie continues through numerous efforts to construct a circle

The minecart has unique collision and steering characteristics, making it an excellent option for your first circular attempt. Minecarts respond when pushed, however, they don’t really slow down the player. They may also be rotated in any direction. You may then leap in the midst of the carts, sending them all spinning as they bounce on top of each other by spawning hundreds of minecarts on the same block, surrounding them with blocks to prevent them from leaving, and then deleting the track they were put on. This will produce a circle, but not the one you can use to construct anything.

The Other Option

The second effort includes armour racks with, which enable players to store and display gear in their playhouses rather than in drab old chests. Armor supports, like mine pieces, can spin without colliding. Thus they’re the next logical target for forming a complete circle.

To accomplish so, Mysticat creates a set of command blocks that enable players to use console commands to directly insert code into the game. These command blocks create an armour stand, spin it, and then tell the armour stand to call a new armour stand in the same direction. You can rapidly construct a complete circle of armour supports by spinning at a slow pace. 

Armour Stands

To construct with or seem to build with these armour stands, put a block in their head slot (through console instructions when spawning them), which creates a collisionless version of the block. Mysticat continues to build a ring of sand blocks around the armour supports, but the blocks are not oriented correctly. 

As a result, they return to the command blocks to construct a command that compels all adjacent weaves to face the same point, resulting in a complete circle. 


You may create a lovely little swimming pool by encircling this circle with identical blocks, the only issue is that colliding on certain sections of the circle will cause the black sand pieces to shine. To address the issue, Mysticat uses weird ritual magic to change a few blocks beneath the irritating collision spots. For some reason, it works. The code makes sense to me, but this ostensibly alchemical deed does not.