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Costco pizza is one of the most beloved items in the warehouse chain, and its popularity is only continuing to grow. But how did this iconic food become such an integral part of Costco? To understand why it has remained so popular, we must first take a look back at the history of Costco pizza and how it came to be. One of the first questions that might come to mind is how many slices in 18-inch costco pizza, which is the standard size offered at the food court. The answer is 12, and each slice has about 700 calories.

How Many Slices in 18-Inch Costco Pizza?

An 18-inch Costco pizza typically comes cut into 12 slices – perfect for sharing with friends or family! The large size also makes it great for any gathering, from birthday parties to office lunches. With its generous portion size, you can easily feed up to six people with one order.

The Rise of the $1.99 Slice

When Costco opened in 1983, it began offering freshly made pizzas that quickly became a customer favorite. Early on, customers could purchase just one slice for only $1.99 – a fraction of what other pizza restaurants were charging at the time. This low price made it accessible for anyone looking for an affordable meal option without sacrificing quality or taste.

The Introduction of Whole Pizzas

As demand grew, so too did the availability of whole pizzas. In 1995, customers were given the option to purchase entire pizzas ranging from 16 inches all the way up to 24 inches in diameter! These pies ranged in price anywhere from $9 – $13 depending on their size but still managed to remain an incredibly affordable option compared to competitors who often charged double or triple that amount per pie.

Ingredients: Freshly Made Dough & Quality Toppings

One thing that has never changed since day one is the quality ingredients used in each and every Costco pizza pie – after all they have built their reputation on providing fresh goods at unbeatable prices! The dough is prepared daily using only premium flour and yeast ensuring a light and fluffy crust each time while toppings like pepperoni are 100% real meat sourced from top suppliers around the country.

Improved Cooking Methods & Expansion

Over time as cooking technology evolved, so too did ways that employees cooked these delicious pies; today’s ovens use infrared heating which ensures even baking throughout each pie guaranteeing optimal flavor no matter which type you choose! This evolution has allowed them to expand their offerings beyond cheese & pepperoni pizzas now including specialty options like Hawaiian BBQ Chicken & Spinach Artichoke as well as gluten-free varieties in select stores across America & Canada making sure everyone can enjoy their favorite slice no matter what dietary restrictions may exist within your party!

Wide Appeal Across All Age Groups

What truly sets apart these tasty pies lies within its appeal across multiple age groups; whether you’re stopping by during lunch hour or ordering a few dozen slices for your child’s birthday party there’s something sure to please everyone who takes a bite! And with prices ranging between just $9-$13 per pie (depending on size), it remains one of the most cost-effective solutions when feeding larger groups without breaking your budget!

Continued Popularity Year After Year

It’s easy to see why this iconic dish continues to remain popular year after year drawing fans from near and far alike – not only does it offer convenience but also unbeatable value & quality that just cannot be beat elsewhere! Whether you’re satisfying hunger pangs during lunch break or entertaining guests during special occasions there’s nothing quite like enjoying some delicious authentic Italian-style pizza straight outta your local Costco store!