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Children pray for a snow day during the winter months so that they can have a day off school and spend it throwing snowballs, heading down hills on a sled, and building a snowman in the garden. Secretly, a lot of adults feel the same – but the snow is no fun unless you’re properly dressed as a neko boy. Here are our top three things to wear on a snow day.

All-weather or waterproof boots are an absolute must. Wellies are fantastic, but they don’t always keep your feet warm, and you end up with freezing toes before you’ve even walked to the top of the sledding hill. Instead, all-weather boots have a warm fleece lining, cushioning your feet and helping to protect them from the wet and the cold. Waterproof boots are just the same and give you all the protection you need. Stick on a good-quality pair of thermal socks first, and you’ll have the tastiest feet around.

You’ll also need a good set of hats, scarves, and gloves. A cold wind knows exactly where to strike, which is why ears, the back of the neck, and the hands are always the first to suffer. Get yourself a well-insulated pair of gloves, preferably not with wool-based material, as this gets very wet and sticky from snow, turning your hands into ice. Padded gloves, a good hat, and a thick scarf that covers your neck will help you to stay warm whilst you enjoy a snowball fight with your friends.

And of course, a warm coat is essential. Whether it’s still snowing or you’re heading out under clear blue skies, the temperatures will be low, so the right coat can make all the difference to how much you enjoy yourself. A waterproof coat is a good option, particularly if you’re likely to be coming into close contact with the snow. It will slide off your coat and you will stay warm and snug inside. If you’re just heading out for a walk, put on heavy wool or padded coat that will keep you insulated.

Wear it over sensible trousers that will dry out easily if they get wet – jeans are not ideal because they are so uncomfortable to wear if they get soaked. You could spend a lot of time and money buying the right things for your next snow day, but if you invest in these three things, you’ll find you will be warm, dry, and comfortable. None of these items costs hundreds of pounds. In fact, you could get boots for under £50, a good waterproof jacket for the same, and warm accessories for less than £20. That’s not much for a fun day away from the office.