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What is essential in bodybuilding diet?

Diet is the backbone of bodybuilding and it can also be said as the foundation of a hard body. The diet is 75% of what you need to get in the correct shape. When you always want to become huge like professional bodybuilders, you copy their routines what they use and try. For most people, this is not working out because their nutrition is not there where it needs to be. If you spend hours in the gym and if you don’t get the results then start spending hours in the kitchen because working out is a part of bodybuilding and the major part is sticking to the diet plan even when you face many challenges.

Stick to the basics:

The composition of a perfect diet is adding a proper ratio of fats, carbohydrates, and most essentially protein which are building blocks of muscles.

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The protein which we gain from the plants and animals are made of some basic units called as amino acid. They are also called as building blocks of muscle. There are twenty types of amino acids, in that only nine must be included in our diet so they are called as essential amino acids. Fish, meat and poultry have all nine amino acids that is why they are called as complete proteins. Vegetables don’t have all nine like complete proteins that is why they are called as incomplete proteins. This amino acid gain muscle for building repairing and for maintaining muscle tissue. Proteins contain 4 calories per gram.

Foods rich in protein:

  1. Fish (Tuna, Salmon, Halibut)
  2. Lean Chicken (Chicken Breast)
  3. Cheese (Non-fat Mozzarella)
  4. Cheese (Non-fat Mozzarella)
  5. Pork Loin (Chops)
  6. Tofu


The primary source of energy is gained by carbohydrates and they are turned into glucose and enables muscle contraction. Carbohydrates are the fuel used by the muscle during a weight training workouts as well as it supports your central nervous system (CNS), muscles, and kidneys. It even helps the brain to function faster and helps in mental ability. Carbohydrates are used during bulking and even while cutting. During bulking your carb intake should be high to support muscle growth likewise during cutting the intake of carbs should be low. Carbohydrate contain 4 calories per gram.

Foods rich in carbohydrates:

  1. Dried Fruit (Dried Apples)
  2. Cereals (Frosted Rice)
  3. Snacks (Fat-Free Potato Chips)
  4. Flour (Rice Flour)
  5. Breads
  6. Potatoes (Hash Browns)


We have heard about the fats that make you fat, such as the hard and hydrogenated fats. And we have also heard that fats make you ill, that’s mostly because of processing like frying, and the hydrogenation and overheating and low quality oils. As a result we may get fat, on the other hand low fat also create many problems like dry skin, lot of body builders have dry skin because they are on low fat diets. Likewise they get low energy level, knee pain etc..Fats are the only way to take linoleic acid. This linoleic acid is used for muscle growth and skin maintenance. There are two types of fatty acids saturated and unsaturated. Saturated acid are obtained from the animal and unsaturated are obtained from the plants. Fats contain 9 calories per gram and you need to add good fat available in the listed choice of food. You have to make sure avoiding trans fat in your diet.

Foods rich in good fats:

  1. Hydrogenated Oils (Palm Oil)
  2. Coconut (Rich in MCT)
  3. Butter
  4. Animal Fats
  5. Chocolate (Baking Chocolate)
  6. Fish Oils (Omega 3,6,9)