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CBD is one of the hottest trends in the cannabis industry. But did you know that it can be used in many other ways besides smoking, vaping and edibles? And what about different types of products like tinctures or topicals? 

It’s important to understand how all these forms of CBD work so you can make an informed decision when shopping for your next dose click here know all about CBD. Here are five tips on choosing the best CBD gummies. 

CBD Oil vs. Vape Pens 

When most people think of CBD oil, they picture a bottle, but there are actually several brands that offer CBD vape pens. These devices look much more like traditional vaporizers than a pen, with a clear glass tube instead of a plastic cartridge. They also come with their own cartridges, which makes them convenient if you’re switching over from oils. 

However, these pens do not have as much flavor as vape liquids. This could be because CBD oil is concentrated, so its concentration affects taste. Also, some users might prefer the taste of oils because they don’t want to inhale anything. 

Because these pens use CBD-infused e-liquids, you’ll get the same benefits as if you were using oils. However, if you’re looking for more intense effects, it might feel more natural to take a hit off the vape.

How Much CBD Should You Buy? 

There are two main factors to consider when buying CBD: 

1) The brand’s reputation 

2) Quality 

Let’s start with the second factor. If you want to buy quality CBD, you need to find a reputable brand. A good place to begin is by reading reviews online. Consumer Reports has information on the top CBD brands, including the ones we’ve mentioned below. 

Another way to ensure high-quality CBD is to buy direct from a company. Companies like Green Roads and Pure Life both sell directly through their websites. When dealing with companies this way, it’s easier to tell if they’re selling top-notch CBD. 

You should always choose brands that sell pure, organic CBD. Avoid brands that contain fillers or additives. Even though these substances won’t affect your health, they can affect the quality of your product. 

But how much CBD should you expect in each serving? We recommend that you purchase anywhere from 5 mg to 20 mg of CBD per serving. 

What Are the Benefits of Each Form of CBD? 

Vaping: The most common form of CBD is in liquid form. It comes in droplets suspended in air, which makes it easy to inhale. Inhaling CBD helps reduce pain and stress, while promoting relaxation and sleep. 

Edibles: Edibles include snacks made from CBD, such as cookies, candy bars or gummies. Because CBD is fat soluble, eating it will give you more consistent results. This can help you stay focused throughout the day. 

Tinctures: Like edibles, tinctures are an oral solution that contains CBD and other cannabinoids. They are absorbed into the bloodstream faster than other forms of CBD, and can cause more pronounced effects. This is why they’re often recommended for beginners who want to try CBD without having to deal with side effects. 

Topical Lotion: Topicals are applied to the skin directly, rather than swallowed or smoked. These products can be helpful for those who struggle with anxiety or insomnia. 

While all these forms of CBD are effective, there are certain circumstances where one method may be better than another. For example, if you’re experiencing severe nausea after taking CBD orally, you may benefit more from a topical application than an edible. 

Choosing Your Dosage 

The amount of CBD you consume depends on the type of product you’re using. Some products will list exact dosages right on the packaging, while others will only indicate whether the dosage is low, medium or high. 

If you’re unsure of what the recommended serving size is for a specific product, check the manufacturer’s website. Most will have information on the dosing range. 

Dosage is also affected by the user’s weight. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, you should stick to the lowest dosage possible. However, if you weigh at least 150 pounds, you can safely consume higher doses.

Are There Any Side Effects From Using CBD? 

Yes, there are. While CBD provides numerous health benefits, it does have some downsides. One common side effect is dry mouth. Other signs of CBD overdose include dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and hallucinations. 

In general, symptoms of overdosing will subside once you stop using CBD. However, if you experience any serious side effects, you should discontinue use immediately. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.


Now you know how CBD works, how to choose the best CBD products and the benefits of each method. The first step toward enjoying CBD is knowing what to look for in each product. 

Once you decide on which CBD products you want to purchase, it’s time to move forward. To learn more, read our article on 5 Ways to Begin Your Journey With CBD.