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Technology and time go hand in hand because we witness the former upgrade itself to a whole new level with the gradual passage of time but the one that can be considered the breakthrough invention of the 20th century is the computer for which the credit should go to Charles Babbage, known as father of computer.

Then we had the internet revolution in the 1980s and for the first time people got to witness a PC that looked just like a television screen that was enough for common folks to be enamored of it.

The 2000s saw social media take the entire world by storm followed by wireless devices like Universal Serial Bus (USB), pen drive and many others that became benchmarks in the field of technology and as we are in 2021, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just round the corner.

Desktop Remote

Speaking of software, it is important to mention Any Desk in this discussion given the popularity that it has seen since the past few years and continues to grow with upgrade versions to go with the new age technology.

Tech savvy individuals are always looking out for something new to try out and they got it in the past decade when PCs and PlayStation gave way to smart phone and tablet computer.

Any Desk is a remote desktop software or operating system that contains features through which you can have the desktop environment of your laptop to function ably on a different system where the concept applies to any server in general where you can share the screen and icons of your PC with another PC.

Just like every other remote software, Any Desk has numerous features that can be utilized like Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality, transfer of files, remote controlled auto mechanism, etc.

However, Any Desk has also proven to be a useful programming tool for cyber criminals that use their excellent hacking skills to invade into the system of innocent cyber victims by conning them into revealing sensitive information regarding their personal documents.

Internet scammers are notorious for breaking through the security of any system due to which measures have considerably increased to tackle them in a safe and secure manner.


Any Desk has been defined as the desktop application where its software is programmed in such a manner so as to provide it with independent access to personal computers and similar devices with running the host application and this has seen enormous success in the past few years.

Search for Any Desk Descargar or simply Any Desk on your Google Browser and open its official website that has ‘Remote Desktop Software’ where you will find ‘Free Download’ option.

If you are not using PC, then click on available platforms given below where you can choose the device you are using like Android, Apple and others but for PC you have to download Any Desk software.

You will get an ID option after opening the downloaded file and enter the ID of the PC you want to share your screen with like ‘533831’ for example and click on ‘Connect’ following which you will get the screen of the other PC where you have to click on ‘Accept’ and once done, you will be able to share the desktop screen with the other ID.