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Weight training is a system of routine and repetition in Bodybuilding to gain muscle mass. Every bodybuilder has to go through the same problems when facing the task of building large amounts of muscle mass. We all have to follow the same steps. However, since everyone’s body is different in some way, there will be different variations you have to go through to find out which system works best for you. But, the basics of bodybuilding are unchanged. On ​​ you can find the best testosterone booster and in this article, you will learn about the basics of gaining muscles.

The Basics Include…

  • 60 to 90-second rest in between sets
  • Do not go over one hour in weight training
  • 1 – 2 days of rest between workouts for the same muscles
  • Low reps & sets with heavy lbs = more muscle mass will be gained
  • You must out due to your last effort to see results
  • Muscle confusion is key to growth
  • Use the good form on each exercise
  • Long hours of cardio kills muscle growth
  • The more lbs you lift, the bigger the muscles will get
  • Basic exercises will gain more muscle mass than isolation exercises

Rest Between sets

No matter how hard you push yourself in the workout, you should never go over 90 seconds in between sets. The less time you have between sets, the more fat you will burn off. It promotes the growth hormone which not only helps the growth of your muscle but helps fat burning as well.

Workout Time

Your entire workout should be less than an hour in length. After an hour, your body losses testosterone and has fewer growth hormones. Plus, the carbohydrates stored in your body will be depleted and you will not have enough fuel to maintain that high level to promote muscle mass. Also, over-training will cause muscle loss.

Rest Between Workouts

Your body needs time to heal and recover from the previous workout. During this recovery, stage is when your muscles really start to grow. In the workout, your muscle cells are split into two different smaller cells. When you recover or rest, the cells will grow to the regular size because of the protein you will be eating. Failure to rest properly will have the cells remain small and your muscle mass will remain the same or shrink.

Lower Reps and Sets

When you lower the reps and sets, you will be able to lift heavier weights. Heavier weights will build more muscle than doing a lot of sets and reps with lighter weights. You will find that your muscles will get fatigued faster with the heavier weight than the lighter weight. The heavier the pounds you are lifting, the bigger your muscles will become.


You must try to out due to your effort from workout to workout. Even if it is an extra set or even one more rep. If you do the same reps and sets with the same weight every time, you will only maintain the same muscle mass. Increasing the reps or weight is the key to constantly gaining muscle mass. This will be more mentally challenging than physically. You must “Will” your body to continue when it doesn’t want to.

Muscle Confusion

The nature of the body is to adapt to the different stresses it undergoes. So, when doing the same routine for several weeks, you might feel like your body isn’t responding like it did when you first started. This is when you use muscle confusion to reignite your body. Changing the technique will confuse the body and build a new part of the muscle that was not worked before. Everybody part can be an attack from a different angle and this new approach will trick the muscle into muscle growth. Once you have done this new routine for a while you can always go back to the previous routine and you’ll feel like you are doing it for the first time again.

Good Form

This is hard for many people because we all want to lift that heavyweight right away and don’t want to focus on good form. You must leave your ego at the door if you want to gain muscle mass. Using the bad form will engage other muscles that do not need to be worked on while not getting the full benefits to the muscle(s) you are exercising at the time. End result, you will not be splitting those muscle cells. Also, injury is very possible when performing in bad form. Once you are injured, it will take a while before you can lift again, and all that hard work will be for nothing.

Cardio Exercises

When you run or do any type of cardio exercise for a long period of time, you will actually be stripping away all that muscle mass that you worked for. Once all the calories are burned off, your body will need to get energy from other places. One place is the stored fat, the other place is your muscles. Instead of long hours of cardio, do interval training. This will promote fat loss while still having your muscle mass intact.

Basic Exercises

Basic exercises will build more muscle mass than isolation exercises. The basic exercises target the large muscle groups with many other muscles that come into play during the workout. More muscle mass is generated and more fat loss is created. Isolation exercises only work one muscle at a time and do not promote fat loss as much as the basic exercises.

All these things are universal and every major bodybuilder has gone through each of these steps to get where they are today. But, everybody’s body reacts differently, so you must determine how many pounds to start off with and which technique your body reacts to the best.