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Today’s topic is another fad diet which originated in France – Dukan Diet. It is a protein-based diet created by French physician Pierre Dukan. You may visit its official website here. It has been said that Dr. Dukan has been promoting his diet plan for more than thirty years and it just got popular only in 2000, after publication of his book “The Dukan Diet” which sold more than 10 million copies globally (what a fad diet!). It was translated into 14 different languages and published in 32 countries including the UK (May 2010) and US (April 2011).

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Like any other diets, it was tried and eventually endorsed by popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and model Giselle Bundchen. Giselle in particular has seen the positive result of the Dukan Diet especially her post-pregnancy stage. Doctor Dukan claims in his book that his diet helped more than five million French, improving their health and helped them lose weight.

Pierre Dukan was a general practitioner in Parin back in 1975. Like any other diet inventors such as Pritikin and Cohen, Pierre Dukan was inspired to design a diet when he was confronted with a case of obesity. In the 70′s, obesity treatment is all about lessening the calorie intake of the patient. Dukan got curious and formulate his own alternative diet formula which is focused in preventing patients from regaining their lose weight.

His diet is built on four different but all important phases. This includes stabilization and consolidation that evolves around high-protein and low calories eating program. After years of research, Pierre Dukan published his findings in another best seller book of his – “Je ne sais pas maigrir” (I don’t Know how to get Slimmer).

Dukan Diet Phases

Dukan Diet is all about protein even though it involves four phases. It actually promotes drinking a lot of water, physical activities, taking oat bran, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. This kind of diet is much like similar with other known diets that I have discussed before such as the Atkins Diet. With Dukan’s eating program, dieters are expected to lose up to two pounds a day during the first phase and would continue to progress as the diet continues.

Phase 1 – Attack Phase

The Attack phase simply means that you can eat all you want. This includes lean protein, 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and a whooping 1.5 liters of water everyday. Practitioners can choose 72 types of lean or low-fat meats which includes fish, pork, lamb, eggs, soy and nonfat dairy products. Phase 1 is all about eating that is why it was termed as “attack”.

Phase 2 – Cruise

The Cruise stage is all about eating unlimited amounts of 28-non-starchy vegetables every other day together with a diet of unlimited lean/low-fat protein and 2 tablespoons of oat bran. This phase aims to reach your true weight thru practicing this diet. The duration of this phase depends on a 3-days schedule for every pound shed.

Phase 3 – Consolidation

Consolidation phase actually allows you to eat unlimited meat protein such as pork and lamb, together with vegetables, one piece of low-sugary fruit, 2 slices of whole grain bread, a portion of cheese in a daily basis. This phase also allows you to take up to two servings of starchy foods and up to two variety of meals of your choice. This phase encourage you to eat a pure diet of pure protein once a week.

Phase 4 – Stabilization

Like any other dieting program, the Stabilization phase of the Dukan Diet is all about maintenance. Pierre Dukan guarantees that you can eat whatever you like after the three phases without regaining weight, that is if you follow the rules to the letter. Phase 4 also encourages you to apply a continuous workout program that can support your weight loss goals.

So in summary, Phase 1 will try to help you lose weight quickly thru protein-only diet. Dukan’s book states that you can try the initial phase for at least ten days and you can expect to lose at least seven pounds in five days.

In Phase 2 could last for a few months depending on how many pounds you want to lose. Practicing this phase will mark more physical changes as your body adjusts to your weight loss program. You have to continue applying this phase until you reach your ideal weight.

Phase 3 is equally important stage which should support phase 2 and 4. This phase requires no weight loss at all which makes you body to regain the lost weight. However, if you stay in this phase for at least five days, you’ll prevent weight gain. The fourth phase is for a life long commitment that circles around maintenance stage. This phase promises that you’ll keep the weight off for life.

What do experts say about Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet was given a couple of commendations from weight loss communities and different dieting groups because of its effectiveness on cutting calories and weight loss. You can actually lose weight fast doing this four phases according to a science magazine in the UK.

However, as effective this diet can be, the eating regimen obviously lacks other nutrients that are essential to health. In short, you are not practicing a balanced-healthy diet. The book also admitted that practicing Dukan Diet can lead to bad breath, constipation, dry mouth and fatigue. All of which are effects of low-carb, high-protein diets. Just like any other dieting program, a prolonged duration of unbalanced diet could lead to nutrient deficiencies that promotes health complications such as kidney problems and many others.

The body needs fuel to get energy and we can get that from the variety of food groups. Restricting from foods can be harmful that may result to muscle loss and gallstones. Dukan Diet is more likely effective for short-term use, just like any fad diets that I already discussed. Healthy diet is still the best regimen for all weight loss aspirants.

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