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The existence and consumption of cannabis as a drug is not a recent process, in fact, cannabis has also been called “The Food Of God” in certain historical texts. Although it has not been as popular and accepted a product, that it must have been by considering its medical benefits. But the recent studies that show the health benefits of using cannabis as a drug is acting as a source to change the direction of the tide.

This has increased the interest and created a trend towards cannabis farming and given the industry a new life. But cannabis is a special plant that requires certain types of infrastructure and depends heavily on the genes of the seed. Thus an individual must acknowledge some factors that are mentioned below before trying to produce seed with high THC. 

Research And Following The Best Practises Is Important To Get High THC Seeds

Before buying a seed it becomes very important for an individual to research and get knowledge about the different strains that they can grain from web portals like Mensjournal. Some seeds yield the best results when grown indoors and thus require facilities like having plenty of space and the right growing tools, such as fans, lights, and AC units. So, if you are a beginner try first with the seeds that are easy to harvest.

There are certain practices that are considered to be effective to increase the THC values in the seeds. Some of them are, before harvesting keep the harvest in dark for two to three days. If the harvest is done in the morning it is considered that THC vales increases in the harvest. 

The Legal and Availability Status Of The Seeds

The legal status of cannabis has always been under scrutiny, and unclear. But in recent times with the growing research that shows cannabis can act as a very vital drug and even as a natural substitute to pain killers. Thus seeds obtained from hemp are considered legal but strictly for medical usage.

Cannabis seeds are readily available on web portals and online blogs, these sites offer seeds with high THC along with hybrid seeds which are checked by experts before shipping, various payment options are available along with bitcoin and they guarantee 100 percent genuine seeds with stealth shipping.   

It Is Important To Select The Right Type Of Seed

This is an important factor because the selected seed would be used for medical purposes and consumption of the wrong cannabis type or in the wrong dose would not be an ideal situation. According to Mensjournal, there are 5 types of THC seeds which are as follows, Fruity pebbles, AK-47, Chemdawg, Nitro LemonHaze, and Durban Poison. Thus an individual should ask for professional healthcare workers’ advice before selecting the type of seed for consumption.

The above article must have introduced you to the various factors which play a vital role in the search and production of cannabis seeds with high THC. One must also remember that it’s not only the THC quantity that gives the expected results the genes, taste, and odor of the seed also plays an important role.