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Island Now has a list of reliable online therapy platforms for you to check. These are digital hubs where you can find professional therapists who can help you handle certain personal issues. Think of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, cognitive problems, and many other concerns.

The availability of online consultations is excellent for addressing such personal issues. Online therapy makes face-to-face setup optional, and it brings fantastic convenience to clients.

The thing is, you should select the best online therapy service before undergoing a session. You want to make the most out of the service, especially that you’d be paying for it. That’s why you want to know how to choose one or see a good list of reliable platforms.

What to Consider when Choosing an Online Therapy Platform

Always bring these points in mind when picking an online therapy platform for you:

  1. Start by choosing from the most reputable online therapy platforms. These are the most popular options that have helped a lot of persons. They produce a lot of satisfied clients that you can see through reviews and feedbacks.
  2. Of course, the best options have top-notch therapists on their team. These are experts whose licenses you can easily check in government or private databases. Moreover, choose a platform with plenty of specialists. That means they can easily lead you to the correct therapist you need.
  3. The interface of the platform is also essential, It should be easy to access and use through your device. Plus, the platform should promise you security and confidentiality.
  4. Of course, consider payment factors as well. The payment subscriptions should be affordable for you. They should also offer a convenient option for you to pay.

The Best Online Therapy Platforms Today

Now, you already know what to find in an online therapy platform. The next thing to check is the best and most reliable choices available.


Talkspace sure is the best online therapy platform of today. The platform has over 3,000 specialists ready to serve any client. And it is easy to use too. You only have to sign-up, complete an assessment phase, select a payment plan, and choose a therapist. You can then start having sessions in just a few days.


BetterHelp is another excellent platform since it has over 12,000 therapists onboard. They offer services for many issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and grief. They handle family issues, so you and some family members can undergo sessions together. Plus, BetterHelp features a seamless interface with a lot of fantastic features. is a good choice if you need to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. That is about handling your negative thoughts and shaping them into positive ones. That type of therapy is perfect for some conditions such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and phobias, among others. The platform has plenty of tools for you to use, such as worksheets, journals, and messaging. 

These are only three of the best online therapy platforms today. There are still more than you can see in the list at Island Now. Thus carefully do your search while carrying the essential notes above.