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Every country values its tradition, culture and handicrafts especially the oldest ones in existence like India, China, Greece, Egypt, etc. and in any case, it is the eastern world that is considered the ‘old world’ when compared to the new age ‘western world’ that came much later in the 17th century.

Japan also has a very old and rich culture especially coming from the Far East due to which its products and fashion statements are quite popular all over the world and many people flock to online websites to see what is available when it comes to Japan.

One such website that deserves to be better known is that contains many fashion related products that can be enjoyed by people of different age groups but with the list being too long, we’ll focus only on a few products that the younger generation folk would like to know about.

Bomber Jacket

When it comes to the most popular souvenirs available on Sukajan Store, one that is very high up on the list is the Japanese bomber jacket that you’ll find in different hue and color with the regalia surrounding the strange mystique of the design.

The jacket has many names to its credit that people like to call as per their convenience but Sukajan is the name that it is most well known for so we too will now address it with the name at least here.

The question that arises is what is bomber jacket? How and where did it spring up from? These questions would be exploding in your mind as well so for starters it is similar to a regular blazer or suit that you wear during an outing or at parties where everyone is dressed in formal wear.

Today you can find millions of people on Instagram that are posting their pictures wearing bomber jackets and the latest to join the bandwagon is The Weeknd, renowned Canadian singer, where he claims to have taken to it like fish to water.

Sukajan has been described as the outwear to end all outwears where you have silken embroidery with a coating of Japanese motifs with animals that include tiger, lion, elephant with a varsity jacket that is stylish for people of the nation where they’re relatively short in size.

These jackets have a striking resemblance to the baseball jackets popular in the US during the 30s and 40s so coupled with the fact that Japanese are crazy about baseball in a big way, you can see where they got their inspiration for creating bomber jackets.


There are many a collection of jackets available on where you can click on the website and come across Fearless Bird Glory, Legendry White Dragon, White Tiger and many others.

Renowned actor Ryan Gosling was seen wearing a Sukajan in his movie ‘Drive’ that was pure white and made of silk with a golden scorpion embroidered at the back, which helped Sukajan get bumper sales as all bomber jackets sold like hot cakes within a short span of time.

Do visit the official website and you can come across different goodies all for yourself.