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We all have moments in our lives that feel like we are stuck, and we can’t move forward. We may even start to question if there is any hope left to transcend our current situation into something more meaningful and purposeful. This is where affirmations come in as a powerful tool to help us reach higher consciousness by rewiring our minds with positive thoughts and beliefs. With regular practice, these affirmations can help us manifest spiritual abundance and success in every aspect of our lives. ‘I Am Affirmations for Spiritual Abundance & Success can be a great starting point for anyone looking to tap into the power of affirmations for spiritual growth and personal development

Affirmations are positive statements or declarations that you repeat to yourself on a daily basis to reprogramme your subconscious mind with new beliefs, ideas or goals. It works by retraining your brain to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. By repeating these affirmations every day, it helps to create an impression of positivity and optimism about life, which eventually leads to subconscious changes such as making decisions more quickly based on intuition rather than fear.

Why use I AM affirmations?

Using “I am” affirmations is particularly powerful because when you say them aloud, the words carry more weight than simply saying the affirmation without the phrase at the beginning. The act of saying “I am” before an affirmation has been shown to have a deeper impact on the mind because it implies ownership of the statement being made and the confidence behind it. By affirming “I am” rather than other phrases such as “It will be” or “I will be”, your brain begins to believe the truth of the statement immediately, rather than waiting for it to become true at some uncertain point in the future. This makes the use of “I am” affirmations particularly effective for those seeking to achieve spiritual growth and abundance through self-transformation.

How to create your own I AM affirmation

One of the most important steps in using this type of personal transformation tool is to create customised affirmations that are specific to your individual needs. All you need is an open mind, a willingness to believe in yourself and a few key ingredients such as belief, intention, clarity, repetition, consistency and patience! Here are 3 simple steps to help you create effective “I am” affirmations:

Step 1: Identify your needs

The first step in creating powerful affirmations is to identify exactly which areas need more attention or improvement, so that you can tailor each affirmation to the specific intentions clearly stated within it (e.g. I am successful). Make sure you do not use vague language such as ‘it will be’ or ‘things will change’, but instead use clear, commanding words such as ‘I will’.

Step 2: Put yourself in a positive frame of mind

Before repeating an affirmation, remember that it’s important that your body language matches your intention (i.e. standing tall with a sense of determination). Also, take a deep breath as you say the affirmation so that each statement carries extra energy from within, helping to amplify its power (e.g. I am energetic). Finally, close your eyes during this process so that you can really connect deeply with each affirmation, knowing exactly how powerful it really is (e.g. I am abundant).

Step 3: Make it a habit and stay consistent

Now comes the most important part – consistency! After writing down various affirmations related to what you want out of life, make sure they become second nature to you by setting aside time each day to recite them aloud or silently, as you prefer (e.g. I am fulfilled). Remember, these parts require dedication if they are to bear fruit over time, but persevere no matter what obstacles you encounter along the way!


As human beings living in today’s world, we have access to more tools than ever before when it comes to achieving spiritual abundance and success through both mental exercise and emotional exploration; however, none are as powerful as positive affirmations – especially those formed around “I am”. So give yourself permission today to incorporate these amazing tools into your daily life, starting now!