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With pregnancy comes a number of responsibilities. You need to take care of the baby’s needs and while doing that a lot of women tend to forget their own. It is important for a new mother to take some time off, and do something for herself. And the best thing that she can do is lose weight. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that after pregnancy you cannot expect to immediately get your pre-pregnancy figure. Moreover, weight loss after pregnancy can be a stressful experience, as the body takes a long time to start showing you results. So don’t over strain yourself at any cost.

Generally the weight of the woman increases after the pregnancy. In most of the cases people are willing to reduce the weight. At this time a [person should plan to go for the Natural substitute for anabolic steroids so that it does not have effect on the health of the females.

During the first four weeks of your pregnancy, the body is busy adjusting the stomach and the womb to its normal size. Hence, you should not attempt to lose weight during this time. The best time to start your weight loss routine is six weeks post your pregnancy. You should start off by making changes in your diet, and including nutritious but low calorie food. But while dieting, keep it in mind that your body needs to produce the milk for the baby too. So you should eat whenever you feel hungry. Include fruits, salads, milk and milk products into your diet. Drink up a lot of liquids. You can have fresh fruit juice, milkshakes and even smoothies. Do not completely give up on carbohydrates, and have whole wheat sandwiches and pasta once in a while. You cannot go on a crash diet immediately after pregnancy, as it will cause harm to your overall health.

The average weight gain for a pregnant woman is around thirty to thirty five pounds. After birth, the woman loses around ten to twelve pounds. That leaves you with eighteen pounds to lose. You should give yourself reasonable targets, and attempt to lose one pound a week. This way, you will get your original figure back in five to six months time.

Never go for strenuous exercising immediately after pregnancy. Your body won’t be able to handle it. Instead go for long walks in the park. You can take your baby along, and both of you can enjoy some fresh air. You should try taking up yoga. It is not as strenuous as exercising, but it is quite effective in helping you lose weight. You could also consider joining post pregnancy exercise groups. Here you can interact with mothers who are undergoing the same problems as you are. Also, the instructor would be well aware about the exercise routines that are recommended for women who have just given birth. He will ensure that none of you go overboard, in a bid to lose weight.

Always have healthy snack handy. You could have a handful of dried fruits or nuts if you feel a little hungry. When you are sitting all day in your house, you naturally will have an urge to snack. So have some healthy options ready, instead of gorging on cakes and cookies.