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Human growth hormone is the most vital hormone responsible for the growth, cell repair, body composition, metabolism, and other bodily functions required for good quality of life. That means HGH helps in gaining lean muscles, improving performance, boosting strength while assisting you to recover from disease and injury.

However, you should remember that having low HGH levels will make you prone to more diseases, promote poor quality of life, and make you gain undesired fat. That’s why it is essential to maintain optimal levels of HGH during athletic training, injury recovery, and weight loss.

You should also know that your lifestyle and diet choice significantly impacts your HGH levels. So, we have created a list of proven ways to help you maximize your HGH levels naturally.

  • Burn Body Fat

Recent studies have shown that belly fat is directly related to the production of HGH. That means people with high fat deposited around their waist are likely to have impaired HGH production, which can increase the chances of acquiring several diseases.

Another study has shown that having fat around your waist would decline the release of HGH in your body. That means it is better to torch up those fatty cells, which would help improve the secretion of HGH. You should remember that stored belly fat can be the reason for many diseases. So, it would be better to burn your belly fat and optimize your growth hormone level.

  • Intermittently Fasting

Research has shown that fasting is the biggest contributor to boosting HGH levels. The best thing about fasting is that it has a positive relation with HGH levels. That means the more you fast, and the more HGH level is likely to increase naturally. Recent studies have shown that if a normal person fasts for at least three days, the level of HGH is likely to increase by 300%, and if he continues for a week, it would increase significantly by 1200%.

Most of you know that continuous fasting is not possible for a longer period. Doing intermittent fasting provides the right dietary approach, which helps in limiting your eating for a specific time. Since there are multiple methods of intermittent fasting to maximize your HGH levels, you can find more info here.

  • Watch Your Sugar Intake

Insulin is directly associated with the level of HGH. You should know that refined sugar and carbs increase the level of insulin, so it is better to watch your sugar intake as it may help boost your growth hormone level naturally. A recent study has shown that a normal person has three-four times HGH levels compared to people with impaired insulin function & carb tolerance, and diabetes.

Now you know insulin level is directly affected by low HGH levels, so it is better to avoid excess sugar intake as it is a major factor for gaining weight, resulting in obesity. However, eating limited sugar occasionally won’t affect the overall level of HGH in the long run.

These are the top proven ways that you can use to boost HGH levels in your body.