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I have to admit with recent revelations relating to Facebook and data as well as knowing how other large corporations in the same advertising sector operate. I do think the blockchain needs to bring more support to the consumer. Recent actions from Twitter, Facebook and Google show that they are not too happy with the threat of competitive businesses entering the market from the ICO sector. Which is seeing the three major platforms looking to ban ICO advertising. For me it is exactly why we need companies like Algebraix entering the market to take a strong position to not only compete with these types of businesses that pretend to be “nanny state” but in reality are just protecting their own interests at the cost of consumers.

You can know about the Coin Mining Direct market for the purchasing of the miners. There is proper protection available to the individuals. A strong position is available to the traders on the trading exchange. There is a need to get the details about them to have the best experience.

Having Algebraix using a permission based advertising solution not only puts the power back in the hands of the consumer that can not only decide what information they give to advertisers but also Algebraix limits the data but from a business perspective for those in marketing they will gain anonymous data from “valued” customers and consumers interested in the products. Something you can’t see on the giant advertising networks on the internet. Which for business means they get better feedback, don’t waste money on advertising that doesn’t reach the right customers. But also as a reward system that pays people in tokens for looking at the marketing materials it also means you are getting put in front of people and not bots or false promise.

Algebraix is also running an airdrop as part of its initial beta testing so if you would like to get involved for the airdrop please use the Beta link at the bottom of the page. But for those looking to invest in the ICO I do recommend going over the whitepaper that is comprehensive in understanding what value the token holds, how the platform works and why it will be a game changer in the marketing arena.

In all honesty I think this is the real reason ICO’s are looking to be blanked in many digital marketing locations as Google, Facebook and others are seeing a real threat coming from the blockchain. As they like to control and centralise everything around themselves and for too long they have controlled the markets. To the point now they are in the realms of manipulating entire elections which tells me the ICO’s are not in the wrong but simply people are tired of the corruption and bad practices being operated by the big players. While ICO’s are coming from an arena that people understand the problem of centralisation and the problems that not only could happen but are happening.

But also as Algebraix and others gain momentum we will find it not only becomes a trust issue relating to Facebook and others but also the fact they ride on the back of everyone else rewarding us with nothing. So for me I would definitely advise taking a look at Algebraix as an ICO and also an opportunity to take back some of the internet.