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After a big holiday weekend where the focus has been on family, friends and food, if you are “serious about healthy weight loss” now is the time to detox. These simple steps will bring you back in line after you may have fallen off of your healthy diet. Seven Tips for Seven Days according to what God said.

Before we talk about a detoxification plan we must understand what it is. Simply put, detoxification is cleaning the unhealthy toxins from your body. The first thing most people think of about the word Detoxification refers to drugs or alcohol. This is true but the unhealthy food and drinks we consume have many of the same affects on our body. The key to detoxification is to cleanse your colon by eating and drinking as God originally meant us to. The cleansing program that I describe here is simply eating fresh uncooked and preferably organic fruit and vegetables while drinking six to ten glasses of water daily. The benefits are numerous including “healthy weight loss”. If you are one of those people that are facing a lot of difficulties in getting the best item for their health, then you should go for the best keto diet pills. It will be very easy for them to get the best result with these pills. It is not that much difficult to use it. 

Let us review the seven tips that we will follow for seven days to ensure we adequately cleanse our colons.

Tip #1: Plan-

Make a Plan. Pray about it. Meditate on it Day and Night. Stick to it.

As you are “Serious About Healthy Weight Loss” after you make up you mind that you need to detoxify your body, plan how you choose to cleanse yourself. If you choose to follow my Seven Tips for Seven Days get a journal or notebook and write your plan and journal daily for a week. This keeps you focused on your goal. Prayer is also a very important aspect and it keeps you in Gods Will for you life. So please seek Him and allow Him to carry you through these seven days. One other important component of your plan is have the proper tools. After you review the complete plan make a list and purchase all you need for the seven days.

Tip #2: Flush-

Flush your colon before you start. To Flush is to have a natural laxative. This can be done a number of ways. Everyone is different and their bodies react differently. I start the night before with a cup of dieters tea (herbal laxative tea). Many times that is all I need. My wife needs more. In addition she drinks a tablespoon of pure psyllium husk fiber laxative mixed in an eight ounce glass of water. If that fails you can do an “internal salt water bathing”. Add 2 teaspoons of “Sea Salt” to a quart of lukewarm water. Drink the entire quart on an empty stomach and within 1 to 2 hours it should begin to work. We all need fiber in our daily diets to keep us regular. I drink the tea and pure psyllium husk regularly.

Tip #3: Fresh Fruit-

Start your day with fresh fruit. For the next seven days you want to eat at least 4-5 servings of fresh fruit every day. Since many fruits give you energy they are important to start your day. If you are a juicer you can substitute the fresh fruit juice for the fresh fruit but I prefer the fresh fruit for the fiber. In this detox plan it is not necessary to be a vegetarian your diet should be at least 75% to 80% fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Your snacks should be fruit or vegetables as well. Eggs, toast, hot and cold cereals are all good for breakfast just make sure you have a serving or two of fresh fruit.

Tip #4: Eat Often, Eat Early-

Plan on eating six to seven times a day. Because your meals will primarily be fresh fruit and raw vegetables the portions will be smaller than we are used to having. This is better for our digestive system. It makes our food easier to digest and increases energy. Your body needs time to digest food, fight disease, rejuvenate and grow so we should have our last meal or even snack 1-2 hours before bed. Light easily digested snacks are ok an hour before bed. It is also important that we get adequate sleep of seven to nine hours per night.

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Tip #5: Drink plenty of water-

Eight Glasses of water a day. Add a slice of lemon or two. I highly recommend you add citrus to your water. Citrus, especially lemon and limes, are also good for cleansing and provide many vitamins that we need. You can also substitute herbal teas for plain water. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise help our general health and weight loss and they should never be neglected.

Tip #6: Raw Vegetables-

Raw Vegetables give you more vitamins and minerals. They are more easily digested and again the cleanse your system because of the high fiber content. Make sure you add colors. Red, white, orange, blue, yellow and of course green. The colors add the variety of vitamins and minerals; while the greens (the darker the better) are best for fiber that improve cleansing. Salads, snacks, and even as a main course with rice, potatoes or pasta are all good ways to eat your vegetables. Add legumes for protein and eliminate meat, poultry and fish this week. Your plan can be as strict as you choose. ADD fresh fruit and raw vegetables, drink more water and herbal teas, REDUCE rice, pasta and potatoes and ELIMINATE meat, poultry, and fish. These are the keys to Your Detoxification Plan.

Tip #7: Seasonings, Oils and Things-

As important as what you eat is when and how you eat them. We have discussed not eating to close to bed time and eating small portions six to seven times a day. We need to remember how you prepare the food. Fruits and vegetables should be fresh not processed. They should be organic if possible. Even though raw, your food is prepared. Washed and brushed the served with seasonings & oils. Onions, garlic and fresh peppers are my favorite with cayenne, sage, paprika, dill weed as well as olive and other oils. I also have one glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily.

You create your plan. You have the basic ingredients. You fit your budget and your lifestyle. You use these Seven Tips for Seven Days and You will Cleanse Your Colon, Detoxify Your Body, Increase Your Energy, Improve Your Digestive System, Improve Your Health, Improve Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, Increase Your Longevity and More. Do this all according to what God said.