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When you put on a tight shirt is your chest popping out for all the world to see? A chest you can be proud of and screams out for all the world to look at. Or do you have the kind of chest that is better left hidden under a sweatshirt? Small and unimpressive but this is also a low testosterone symptom that you need to look at as soon as you are done with your body goals. Here is a golden opportunity to get the chest you always dreamed about. With the proper chest building techniques, you can build the chest you know you were meant to have. There are easy ways to build impressive chest muscles if you just follow some simple guidelines.

Best Chest Building Exercise

  • Bench Press

The premier chest exercise is the bench press. Using proper form and technique is essential when doing this exercise. If you don’t have weights and a weight bench then you need to get them because this is one of the most important exercises to build a massive chest.

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While you are lying flat on the bench align the bar directly above you. Lift the bar up and lower it to the mid-point of your chest. Don’t allow the bar to hit your chest so that you remain in complete control of the weight as you raise the weight to the starting position. Try and use enough weight so that you can only do fifteen reps for the first set. The rest of the sets will include using only enough weight so that you can only do 12,10 and then 8 reps. Go to failure on each set for maximum growth. Getting completely comfortable with this exercise may take several weeks.

  • Dumbbell Flyes

Another excellent exercise to aid you in building chest muscles is dumbbell flyes. Holding a dumbell in each hand lay flat on the bench. With bent arms lower the weight to mid-chest. The lower you can bring the dumbbells the more stretch you will get. Squeeze your chest muscles hard at the top of the movement and contract the chest muscles as hard as you can. Follow the set and rep scheme that you used for the bench press. Your reps will be 15, 12, 10, and then 8.

  • Less is often better

To give your chest muscles a chance to grow it is best to only work out your chest once a week. Build a solid frame and foundation and you will be able to slowly increase the sets and reps. In the long run, you will want to stress the muscles to the point of failure. It’s been shown that going to failure (the point where you can’t lift the weight anymore and need help to finish the last rep) will strain the muscles enough to force them to grow because of the amount of stress placed on the muscle.

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These two exercises are a great starting point to building chest muscles and having an impressive muscular chest. Your chest muscles will respond better if you make a habit of changing around your chest-building exercises. Adding other exercises that you know your body will respond to will take you to the next level. Remember that anything worth having is worth working hard for.