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Most people tends to think that healthiness can be seen in people who are physically fit. While it is true that over weight people aren’t healthy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sexy people are the healthy ones. This post will give you some interesting points that will explain why being fit is not enough reason to be considered as healthy person.

First off, keeping a fit body by losing weight is a good indication that you love your body. But your goal shouldn’t stop on just losing weight and be fit, you still need to follow various healthy regimens to avoid sickness and serious conditions that can endanger your health. Most fitness experts suggests a healthy lifestyle in accordance with losing weight and building muscles. Unfortunately, not all people follow this advice and keeps on doing things that aren’t good for the body.

What are these unhealthy lifestyles that can damage our health systems? Well, I suppose you know these bad habits. Below are the following bad lifestyles that can contribute or promote sickness.

  • smoking
  • too much alcohol drinking
  • less sleep
  • stressful work
  • behavioral problems
  • love for junk foods
  • unsociable and preferred isolation
  • drinking less water
  • unhealthy eating
  • drug abuse
  • addictions to substance
  • sexual activities and immoralities
  • undesirable working environments

With today’s depreciation on food quality and environmental pollution, we cannot get the perfect habitable place to live in. If we incorporate these bad habits in our lives, we are guaranteed to earn the price of diseases in the near future. So working out in the gym has to be incorporated with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles to reap the benefits of longer and happier life.

How to get fit and be healthy at the same time?

I guess you know the answer for that question. To be specific, I will give you some basic activities or habits that can help you get rip, fit, lose weight and be a healthy person for life.

  • get more sleep
  • eat more fruits, vegetables and whole wheat foods
  • apply a strict exercise regimen regularly
  • drink at least 10 glasses of water daily
  • avoid junk and processed foods
  • don’t smoke and control your cravings for alcohol beverages
  • never do drugs
  • keep your moral standards high
  • be more sociable
  • deal with stress positively
  • visit your doctor at least twice a year

In summary, you can’t really say that being fit or sexy makes an individual healthy unless you avoid the bad habits that I mentioned earlier. Remember, exercise and getting a toned muscles are not enough to swerve our body from infectious and severe diseases known today. Plus, we need to consider regular physical check ups to the hospital to make sure that all our body systems are fine and healthy.

Taking diet pills to suppress your appetite can be dangerous for people with certain diseases, such as heart disease, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, or glaucoma. If you are allergic to any substance that may be contained in weight loss pills, be sure to avoid taking them. Some weight loss medications can interact with other medications to increase or decrease their effects.

If you want to share your thoughts regarding this topic, you may do so by leaving your valued opinion below the comment section. Your participation will create a healthy interaction between people who are health conscious and advocates of nutrition and right living. Until next time!