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People from all over the world love to watch movies during their free time. In traditional times people used to watch movies on television only as there was no other option available. However, with the passage of time as technology got advanced not only television is the mode of watching movies, but even people have the option to watch movies of their choice online at any point of time.

In order to watch the movies, they just require a good Internet connection and a source on which they can watch the movie. This facility has made it relatively easy for people to watch movies of their interest at any point of time; there are various platform like 123moviesgo that provides facility to the viewers to watch the movies of their choice. now will discuss in detail about some of the options available:

  • Netflix

In the past time, this was a platform that was also known as the Netflix party. This is one of the most famous platforms for watching the movies online. The only thing that the players will have to do to watch movies on Netflix is to download the application on their laptop or mobile phone.

This is a platform that provides the user with different types of movies, some are available at free of cost while others are chargeable. Moreover, the viewer has the option to take the subscription of the platform as per his requirement.

  • Disney plus

As the time passes, new technology gets introduced into the society. Currently, Disney plus is the platform that is widely used by the people. The person can just open an account on the platform and start watching the movies of their choice. This is a platform that provides a maximum size of seven viewers.

 There are a variety of plans that are open by this platform; the viewer can select the plan as per the requirement.

  • Amazon prime

This platform provides a unique feature to the viewers; watch party is the feature that is offered by only Amazon prime. The viewer will have the option to share the link with 100 friends at a point of time. The users have the option to either download the application on their mobile phone or just open it in on the various web browsers available except safari.

The above mentioned are various platforms that provides an option to the viewer to watch the movies online. The best thing about these platforms like 123moviesgo is that the person has even the option to watch the movies on their Android phone. This facility has made it quite convenient for the viewers to watch the movies at any point of time sitting in any part of the world. Even there is no limitation regarding the movies a person can watch, either old movie or the new movie; there are varieties of options that are available on the platform. They just have to make this selection and start watching the movie.