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Lithium is such a well mod between Minecraft gamers. Its ultimate purpose is to improve gaming skills through a variety of performance improvements, such as improvements to vanilla AI as well as chunk creation. This mod does not affect the vanilla behavior. Rather, it merely helps to optimize quite so much script as conceivable without affecting game experience in any way besides enhanced quality. You will be getting the best server hosting Minecraft while using this mod. In so many instances, adding Lithium could lead to immediate substantial improvement of more than forty percent. The Minecraft group has taken notice of the catastrophic achievement boosts, as well as the mod already has approximately 2 million distinctive installs.

How to use it?

Once assembled in the user’s folder, Lithium would be completely operational. If the plug-in is implemented on something like a local computer, gamers should report an improvement in FPS. In the meantime, system administrators should observe an increase throughout TPS if somehow the mod is implemented on their device. The instruction “/tps” could be used to check TPS. Whereas the configurations for Lithium are usually fine, gamers can personalize activated tweaks to their soul’s material. This could be accomplished by modifying the file type, which is generated when the plug-in is initiated for the first time.


Lithium employs a novel that holds a variety that could be used to empower or deactivate specific spots. This program gives fine-grained authority over what script Lithium modifies, and therefore, it could be used to eradicate bugs as well as mod incongruities created by the plug-in. Kindly see the wiki entry on changing your file name for further knowledge. An unused file format is completely normal as well as simply indicates that you should use the parameters. 


  • Install the most recent versions of Fabric API as well as Fabric Mod installer.
  • Lithium Mod Install.
  • Position the available for download plug-in in the./minecraft/mods/ file.
  • You could also configure this same Mod Menu.

How is it different?

Exactness is among the most critical design objectives in Lithium. Unlike some of the other moderators that optimize the play, Lithium doesn’t surrender vanilla features or behavior for pure speed. This is no remedy for most of those looking to pace raise their efforts, and therefore, Lithium installation ought to be transparent towards the participant. If you come across a problem where Lithium straying from the standard, please access a concern. 

Every component is thoroughly checked to determine vanilla equality, and though bugs seem to be inevitable. Kindly use the search function to ensure that your problem isn’t already formed, as well as that when there is an appropriate framework for the problem you are broadening, that it will be filled out. Concerns that are multiple copies or lack the data required to process and troubleshoot may be shuttered.

What are the changes?

  • Physics enhancement throughout terms of logic, the play already has a host of unique features, such as a new regime for determining clashes and clog obliteration.
  • The optimal control system. A range of methods has been incorporated in the series to make loading clumps and virtual social worlds simpler.
  • The tournament’s productivity increased as a result of the current mob generation technology and summarised strategies.
  • Point caveat of blasts, block setup, personal zone creation, and other modifications.

Best performance:

Players searching for more authority could perhaps undoubtedly configure the Sodium as well as Phosphorus moderators. Phosphor redraws the show’s illumination engine to be much more effective, while Sodium optimizes Minecraft’s alternatively gradual bits pallet jack. Both mods are simple to install by simply putting them inside the mods mailbox. Individuals are also completely backed and lithium consistent.


Since this is a genuinely free initiative, users can certainly use that in your mod pack! While still not needed, it would be highly appreciated if users could include a connection to Lithium’s campaign page as well as Patreon on one’s mods ranking or bonuses page. To notify bugs, accidents, as well as other concerns, kindly use the problem tracker connected at the top of every page. The comment thread is not the location to disclose these types of issues, and you will most probably be asked to find out what was going along.